Tuesday, March 02, 2004

U.S. led coup in Haiti, says Aristide

No way, says White House.

Now-exiled Haitian leader Jean-Bertrand Aristide says that U.S. forces forced him to resign and threatened him before he capitulated and ended up on a plane to Africa. Many bloggers have already covered this news, but there were two things from the Bush administration that were outrageous and worthy of further exposition.

The first is the White House's denial of Aristide's story (and this story comes straight from his mouth - he spoke with an AP reporter via phone from his new location in the Central African Republic). Here's Mr. Scott, Bush's "press" secretary:

"That's nonsense," White House press secretary Scott McClellan said. "I've seen some of the reports [and they] do nothing to help the Haitians move forward to a better, more prosperous future."

This is a non-denial if I've ever seen one. Folks, if you haven't read 1984 lately, I urge you to do so - the similarities between it and our government today are uncanny and eerily frightening. In case it isn't clear - the fact that the report helps the Haitians is irrelevant to its truth...

The second is from Colin Powell, and is even more ridiculous. I'll let this one speak for itself and you see if you can imagine another person being the subject of this rather than Aristide:

Powell said that "it might have been better for members of Congress who have heard these stories to ask us about the stories before going public with them so we don't make a difficult situation that much more difficult."

He called Aristide "a man who was democratically elected, but he did not democratically govern or govern well," he said. "Now we are there to give the Haitian people another chance."

I want my second chance.


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